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Transportation to Hakuba

Direct Airport Shuttle Bus from Narita/Haneda to Hakuba


Express Bus from Shinjuku to Hakuba


Tokyo to Hakuba

Take the JR trains from Tokyo to Nagano then bus from Nagano to Hakuba.  You can look up the JR trains timetable using google map.


Nagano to Hakuba

You can get the bus from Nagano to Hakuba (from Nagano Station, bus stop 26), which is relatively regular.  You do not need to book or reserve the tickets, you can buy the ticket 

on the bus and they accept cash only.



Free Night Taxi in Hakuba

A free mobile apps that you can download and book the rides.  The service will start from around 18-20 Dec to 29 Feb. We will share the QR code with you at your check in.




There are 2 supermarkets in town, BIG AEON supermarket about 15 mins drive away or A-coop that is 5 mins drive away.



Ski Passes

Please find more info on the ski passes on this link,


Happo-One online purchase,


Season pass,



Ski Hire

There are many ski hire shops in town, but we highly recommend Spicy ski hire (Happo and Wadano shops) as they deliver the best customer service.  You will get 10% discount if you are staying with us, please let them know your accommodation name.


All the ski rental shops will come and pick you up and drop you off with your gears after fitting as a complimentary service.  At the end of the hire period, they will come and collect your hired gears from our ski room or from your apartment.






Centra Snow Sport



Ski Schools
Evergreen International Ski School (Happo)


Happo-one Ski School



Hakuba Snow Sports School



Hakuba47 Ski Academy International



Hakuba Ski Concierge




Tours, Adventures and Activities

Snow Monkey Tour – or call +81 261 858 009.

Lion adventure –


Fireworks show over the Olympic Ski Jump every Saturday night till Feb 10 and will close with a grand finale of the annual Hakuba Fire Festival the following weekend (TBC).




(please look up the names in google map and book directly with the restaurants)

There are many good restaurants, cafes and bars.  Please find some of our top pick on the lists below,


Wadano Forest Hotel – Homey restaurant and bar

We serve set meals in Japanese and Western cuisines with a set menu for the day.

Price range is 2500 – 3500 yen per set meal.  

You will need to pre book, please email

Free pick up and drop off will be provided if you are staying at the Gondola Apartments.


Hummingbird ハミングバード Japanese Fusion. In Wadano Forest.

Very small restaurant, not suitable for big groups.

+81 261-72-7788


Hybrid / ハイブリッド  Japanese Fusion. 5 mins from Wadano Forest Hotel.

+81 70-3312-0852


The Rabbit Hole – Hamburgers, western food.  5 mins from Wadano Forest Hotel.

+81 80-3495-8954


Penke Bar & Bistro – Hamburgers, western food.  5 mins from Wadano Forest Hotel.

+81 70-2815-8482


LUCE by ARISUE SPICE / ルーチェバイアリスエスパイス

Located at the base of Kokusai lift. Great place for a ski break or lunch.  Dinner is good too, a short and relaxing walk away. 

+81 80-1118-8698


The Pub

Walk in only, don’t take reservations.  You can order online and they will deliver food to our property.



Walk in only, don’t take reservations. Opens at 5:30pm.

+81 261-72-2661


Maeda - Great place for lunch.  Not open for dinner. 

+81 261-72-2295


Ramen Happo Bijin 八方美人

Walk in only, don’t take reservations. 

Right opposite Happo Bus Terminal.


Yamagami Syokudou NEO - Gyoza and ramen.

Very affordable.  Walk in only, don’t take reservations.  Open at 6pm.  

+81 261-72-8228


Ramen Tottsuanらー麺 とっつぁん

Walk in only, don’t take reservations. 

A bit of a distance away, not convenient unless you have a car or take a taxi.


Ramen Takahashi-ke 髙橋家 

Walk in only, don’t take reservations. 

A bit of a distance away, not convenient unless you have a car or take a taxi.


Kikyoya - Sushi and Sashimi Restaurant 

A bit of a distance away, not convenient unless you have a car or take a taxi.


The City Bakery

On a sunny day, go to Iwatake Mountain Harbour for lunch or cakes & coffee and enjoy the beautiful view from there.


For more concise restaurants list, please check out,




Kurashita Onsen 倉下の湯

This one is an old historical onsen that used to serve the salt traders travelling on the salt route from the coast to the inland. 

+81 261-72-7989


Hakuba Highland Onsen (Hot Spring)

This one has an incredible view of the Hakuba Alps range. 

+81 261-72-3450


Mimizuku Onsen

Traditional onsen with a view. 

+81 261-72-6542


Happo Bijin

At Happo village Center, opposite the information Center. 

+81 261-72-5377


Mominoki Hotel

+81 261-72-5001


Foot onsens

1. There’s a public/free foot onsen just across the road from Lawson, next to the big Happo One sign. 


2. Ashiyu (Foot Bath) Kusushi Hot Spring


Here wishing you a great stay and a wonderful time in Hakuba!

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